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Sheila Ribeiro, Board Observer (USA)

Sheila Ribeiro is a Program Manager at CRDF Global overseeing a multifaceted portfolio that promotes international collaboration in the biosecurity, One Health and research collaboration arenas. Working with U.S. and other international funder agencies, she supports a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach focused on the prevention, detection and response to public health incidents. In coordination with a wide network of international subject matter experts, and local biosafety and biosecurity champions, she has facilitated improvement in laboratory infrastructure and biorisk management best practices to reduce the threat of misuse of biological materials and expertise. She leads programs that develop and empower local organizations to identify and address their needs, in alignment with international standards and best practices. In addition to enhancing biosafety and biosecurity, Sheila also works to enable collaborative global research on infectious diseases via projects designed to foster engagement with next generation advocates. Her capacity building efforts are designed for long-term outcomes and extend across South and Southeast Asia, Eurasia, Middle East and Africa.

Sheila Ribeiro

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