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Pierrette Mefomdjo, Board Member (Cameroon)

Ms. Mefomdjo has spent her professional life (29 years) working at the Laboratoire National VĂ©terinaire (LANAVET) in Garoua, Cameroon. The LANAVETmain activities include the production of vaccines against animal diseases and the diagnostic detection of animal diseases. After 4 years of service, she served successively as Chief of service of animal food analysis, Chief of service of vaccines physical and chemical control, Chief of service of vaccines vaccine quality control, Head of Quality Control Department, and Quality Manager. Ms. Mefomdjo actively contributed to the implementation and improvement of quality assurance, biosafety and biosecurity in LANAVET. She transferred her knowledge acquired during a number of international training sessions and workshops in which she participated. Now retired, she offers her assistance and guidance to local institutions requesting assistance in the implementation and improvement of biosafety, biosecurity and quality assurance in their laboratories. Ms. Mefomdjo is also an animal vaccines quality control consultant, and, the founding President of Cameroon Biological Safety Association (CamBSA).

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