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Maureen Ellis, Executive Director

As Executive Director of the IFBA, Maureen Ellis is responsible for implementing the IFBA’s mission “safe, secure and responsible work with biological materials” in collaboration with the IFBA’ member biosafety associations and the international biosafety community. In a public service and civil society career that spans more than three decades Ms. Ellis has worked across the globe to champion biosafety and biosecurity capacity building. Growing up in Tanzania, and through her work with the IFBA, she strongly believes that partnerships between civil society and government are critical in strengthening global health security. Formerly, Ms. Ellis was the Advisor to Canada’s Global Partnership Program where she was responsible for delivering biosafety and biosecurity programs worldwide. She also served as Director to Canada’s Public Health Agency Office of Biosafety, and, Director of the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Biosafety. She was awarded the Wedum Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to biosafety and is the first Canadian to receive this award. M. Ellis is a Certified Professional in Biorisk Management, Certified Professional in Biocontainment Facilities, and holds a Masters Degree in Microbiology from University of Ottawa.

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