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IFBA Participates in panel discussion “Women as Positive Change Agents in Biosecurity”, Milan, Italy November 4-6, 2015

Panelists discussed how governments and civil society organizations may increase the participation of women in the Biological Weapons Convention and empower women leaders in strengthening global biosecurity. Women’s participation in national and international security is affected by complex sociocultural factors and it is important to ensure women have equal opportunities for their representation in all decision-making processes. The IFBA strives to incorporate the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles into their practices including advancing gender equality within IFBA and the field of biosafety/biosecurity; bringing the broadest pool of women talent to IFBA’s work; creating strategic partnerships between IFBA’s member biosafety associations & women’s organizations that support women in civil society; providing a platform on the new IFBA website to help women in this profession to connect to each other, share information and advice; and designating a board member to champion women and promote equal opportunities among IFBA members.

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