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Afghan Biorisk Association, June 2016

Following decades of war and conflict in Afghanistan, there was need to introduce and disseminate the culture of safe and secure health services practice and bioethics in all Public and Private, human and animal Labs and institutions. The Afghan Biorisk Association (ABA) is a non-governmental, non-political, a social Association that officially registered with the Ministry of Justice under the first registration #3239 in 2012. ABA mainly focuses on capacity building, biosafety & biosecurity, awareness of the International Health Regulations, good lab practices, biological risk assessments, risk mitigations, training tools, materials, CWA 15793 Biorisk Management, WHO guidelines and the IATA transportation rules implementation through the collaboration of different National/International stakeholders and donors. ABA is pleased to have membership of International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) and graciously appreciate the kind support of Maureen Ellis for the establishment of ABA and her technical and scientific support.

OUR Vision:
To have a safe and secure Afghanistan and to contribute for having a safe and secure Glob through enhancing the knowledge, improving the practices of Biosafety and Biosecurty by close collaboration with international/national partners.

OUR Mission:
2014: To formulate a framework for promotion of best practices, standards, and codes of conduct in Life sciences at the National level.
To establish a national Bio-Safety network among various departments of public and private human and animal health sectors.
To further strengthen collaboration and partnership with international partners and get updates for Biosafety and Biosecurity programs implementation in Afghanistan.
2015: To serve as a recognized resource for professionals and scientific expertise from regional/provincial level laboratories in biological safety and security at the National level.
2016: To prevent diseases spreading and prohibit bioterrorism throughout the country and to act as an advocating body for reducing biological risks at the National


ABA1ABA President and team attending Biosafety & Biosecurity training sessions for regional and provincial level laboratory staff, April 2015.


ABA2ABA team technical discussion and presentation about National Lab Policy development with WHO short term expert.


ABA3Biosafety and Biosecurity training at the Central Public Health Laboratory, Kabul Afghanistan.


ABA4ABA partnership meeting with ABSG (Advantage Biomedical Services Global) CEO (2nd from left), the Central Public Health Laboratory Kabul, Afghanistan, Sept. 2015


Best Regards,
ABA team                                                       
Kabul, Afghanistan
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