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AEBioS (Spanish Association for Biosafety), September 2016

AEBIOS (www.aebios.org) is a Spanish non-profit organization founded in 2011 to bring together biosafety and biosecurity professionals to discuss issues of interest in this field and give support to their membership. The association aims to increase knowledge and expertise in this area, favouring the exchange of experience and concerns and facing, in this way, an increasing demand in Spain, since a higher number of professionals are conducting their activities in scenarios where biological materials are handled and managed. This makes biosafety and biosecurity management strongly necessary to protect workers and the environment from the risks involved.

The association is built up of professionals, not of companies or institutions, and it is not involved in union activities. The main objectives are the following:

  • Grouping professionals whose activities are carried out in the field of biosafety and biosecurity.
  •  Promoting the improvement and advance in the knowledge in this field, and the development of techniques related to it.
  •  Raising awareness of the need for and the benefits of biosafety and biosecurity management programs.

The main activities developed by the association include support for research and technological advances in biosafety and biosecurity, dissemination and exchange of scientific and technical information, training, and collaboration with other related associations. Other important activities are:

  • Organization of events as meetings, conferences, workshops and exhibitions.
  •  Calls for prize awards.
  •  Edition of scientific, technical and educational publications.
  •  Use of the mass media for knowledge exchange, data dissemination, and training.
  •  Collaboration with international related organizations.
  •  Collaboration with organizations, committees, and/or groups related to biosafety and biosecurity from the Administration either at a local, national, or international level.

Currently the association has over 120 members and a variable number of sponsors, companies dedicated to biosafety or biocontainment, depending on the years.

This October, AEBioS will held the 3rd General Conference, in Bilbao (see www.aebios2016.info), with around 30 communications about biosafety, facility containment, emerging diseases, handling of infected arthropods in biocontaiment, design and construction of Ebola isolation units, etc. Concomitantly to the congress, the scenario will hold the IFBA examination on Professional Certification in Biorisk Management, in Spanish. Both activities explicitly fulfill the aims and mission of our association.

AEBioS Biosafety Congress



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