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BAS (Biorisk Association of Singapore)

In 2010, Dr. Ling Ai Ee, a senior virologist in Singapore, recognized the need to bring together persons involved in biosafety, biosecurity and associated activities. She, together with some like-minded individuals, initiated the idea of Singapore’s own Biorisk Association and started the Biorisk Association of Singapore, a nonprofit organization committed to the following core purposes:

1. Foster the development and recognition of Biorisk management as a profession
2. Promote safe management of biological materials
3. Provide a key platform for knowledge-sharing in biorisk management
4. Facilitate collaboration within the local and international biorisk management groups/associations
5. Promote education in biorisk management
6. Promote applied biorisk research

The BAS, currently has about 100 members from various disciplines related to biorisk. The Association is affiliated with the American Biosafety Association and the Asia Pacific Biosafety Association. BAS aims to work with everyone with an interest in the field of biorisk to fulfil its mission of “Bringing together people and organizations involved in biorisk management with the aim of nurturing a safety culture”

The Association is committed to building awareness in the field of biosafety and biosecurity and in 2015 we held a biosecurity workshop in Collaboration with Luigi Sacco University Hospital, Milan, Italy. In 2016 BAS was very active and organized training for biosafety professionals from Singapore and other SEA countries in collaboration with WHO and APBA (Asia Pacific Biosafety Association).

In addition, in 2016 BAS organized sharing sessions where different institutions and organizations host the sessions to share their experience in laboratory practices. The sessions are informal and very participatory and forms a good platform to develop networks of various resources that can be tapped when the need arises. It is the intention that BAS will continue this approach in the coming years.


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