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Bangladesh Biosafety & Biosecurity Association (BBBA)

The establishment of the BBBA was initiated in August 2011 to foster best and sustainable biosafety and biosecurity practices in Bangladesh considering the current situation of infectious diseases outbreaks and increasing demands for research and diagnostics of these disease-causing agents. The Virtual Biosecurity Center (VBC) and Biosafety Biosecurity International (BBI) supported the initiation of the activity regarding the formation of BBBA and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) played the key role organizing and hosting these activities. The aim and objectives of the organization are focused oni) enhancing biosafety and biosecurity by inculcating local scientists in the ethical considerations of conducting life-sciences research and the development of codes of conducts for such research; ii) promoting local leadership for a sustained Biosafety Biosecurity presence; and iii) laying the foundation to create a Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Association (BBBA), which can promote codes, support local learning initiatives, and as a professional society play a role in promulgating national Biosafety and Biosecurity legislation.The current Executive Committee of BBBA started its activity with president, two vice-president, one general secretary, one joint secretary, one treasurer, and ten voting members. The committee also selected a total of 13 non-voting divisional coordinators from different divisions of Bangladesh to coordinate the activities from their locations. The society has more than 100 life members, 83 active individual members, and more than 100 active student members.

The BBBA is working for strengthening Biosafety and Biosafety in Bangladesh in association with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta. Given the need to conduct baseline assessments of microbiological and biochemical research laboratories in Bangladesh, an appropriate assessment tool was developed. Using this tool, assessments were conducted in selected microbiology laboratories by the resource persons of BBBA. Training modules were developed to sensitize different levels of stakeholders at the division levels using the platform of BBBA. Advocacy and sensitization programs for all the eight divisions in Bangladesh are also ongoing involving the trained trainers of BBBA. Resource persons were further identified for all divisions and were given proper training and are mentored to work as an independent expert in their respective regions. Biosafety and biosecurity training materials have been adapted, and are translated to Bangla and planned to be disseminate broadly through its website. So far more than 3000 individuals were sensitized/trained under different programs. The Biosafety Office of icddr,b is working with BBBA to utilize the BBBA platform to organize nationwide sensitization and training program in the field of biosafety and biosecurity. Currently ongoing activities are drafting a guideline on handling and disposal of biohazardous materials in Bangladesh, training on developing SOPs, district level sensitization and training program, baseline assessment of human and animal laboratories, and identification of laboratories dealing with biological hazards, involving a cadre of 95 resource persons, who are the genuine backbone of BBBA.
The society has very close association with A-PBA and the President of BBBA was appointed as the EXCO member of A-PBA for the year 2016-17. The currently president of BBBA has been appointed as the auditor for A-PBA, after successfully completing the year as the EXCO member. BBBA has extended its activity to more than thirty national Universities/Medical Colleges/Research Organizations. The society is also running nationwide activities, in association with icddr,b and BEP, since 2014 to today, in the field of biosafety and biosecurity. The BBBA was included in the global members’ map of IFBA on July 27, 2012. Since then the organization is working very closely with the federation under the IFBA guidance for the developing nation of the country.


Preconference workshop was organized in 2016 during 3-4 December (photo: on the left at the top) and the annual conference was organized during 7-8 December (photo: on the left at the middle and bottom and at the right bottom). This year’s conference and preconference program have already been circulated (circulation on the right top).
BBBA is organizing annual conference and preconference workshop on Biosafety and Biosecurity every year.

Visit the BBBA athttp://www.bdbiosafetysecurity.org

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