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IV Biosafety and Biosecurity Argentinean Workshop

The IFBA and is pleased to collaborate with AEBIOS and AAM in the delivery of the IFBA’s Professional Certifications in both Spanish and English during their upcoming biosafety conferences. The exam sessions will be held as follows:

  • AAM – Monday September 26th at 11:00am at the Congress Venue (Centro Metropolitano, Junin 501 local 1, Rosario, Argentina)

For information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • AEBIOS - Monday October 17th at 11:00am at the Congress Venue (Elhuyar Room, ​Bizkaia Aretoa Convention Centre, Bilbao, Spain)


For information on the exam content, study materials and sample questions, click here

All applications must be processed through the on-line Certifior system at https://ifba.certifior.com. These instructions will guide individuals through the online application process.

This is an exciting opportunity for our members to sit for the exam sessions in Spanish. We would like to extend our thanks to AAM, AEBIOS and AMEXBIO for their assistance in translation of the exam materials. 

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IFBA announces new members of Certification Body

The IFBA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Certification Body (CB) for the 2016 to 2018 term. The CB is a separate certifying body within the organizational structure of the IFBA with delegated authority for making decisions on all matters relating to the IFBA’s Professional Certification program. The new CB will oversee the next phase of development of the program informed by input from IFBA’s Member Biosafety Associations and the global stakeholders around the world.

IFBA Certification Body Members:
• Bruce Anderson, Canada (Chair)
• TM Chua, Singapore
• Edgar Sevilla-Reyes, Mexico
• Michelle McKinney, USA
• Ursula Jenal, Switzerland
• Patrick Okanya, Kenya
• Aamer Ikram, Pakistan

IFBA members

IFBA Congratulates 30 newly Certified Biorisk Management Professionals in East Africa

The IFBA is pleased to announce the Certification of thirty Professionals in Biorisk Management from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda. Hosted by the Biorisk Management Association of Kenya (BMAK), in collaboration with the Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKLMSO) and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), candidates participated in biorisk management training sessions followed by administration of the IFBA examination.

Participants at the BMAK Biorisk Management Training Workshop
 Candidates sit for the IFBA Professional Certification in Biorisk Management Exam
IFBA cert
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