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Working Together Makes a Difference – IFBA Joins the JEE Alliance

Recognizing the need for collective action in building global health security, the IFBA is excited to join the JEE Alliance. The JEE Alliance for Country Assessments for Global Health Security and IHR Implementation has been established to give political, financial and technical support to WHO and countries in the coordination and implementation of the Joint External Evaluations as well as the ensuing process of capacity building. The main purpose of the Alliance is to serve as a platform for discussion and exchange of views and experiences among partners to facilitate engagement between countries and other relevant organizations and stakeholders involved in health security. The IFBA is engaged in ongoing efforts to enhance multisectoral collaboration and foster partnerships between its Member Biosafety Associations and government ministries in the development and implementation of national biosafety and biosecurity action plans.

For further details on the JEE Alliance please visit:

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IFBA and Canada’s Global Partnership Program Collaborate with ASEAN Member States to Strengthen Biorisk Management

The IFBA, in partnership with the Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association (MBBA), is pleased to collaborate with the Global Partnership Program (GPP), Global Affairs Canada, to strengthen biorisk management in the ASEAN region. Established in 2002, the GPP supports projects to increase global health security in fulfilment of Canada’s commitments under the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction and the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA). This new GPP funded project will certify professionals at priority ASEAN institutions handling dangerous infectious materials for competency in a variety of technical disciplines related to the safe and secure handling of biological materials. Launched at recent project coordination meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, ASEAN Member States reaffirmed their support for the project and IFBA’s Professional Certification Program in ensuring a minimal level of competency for biorisk management professionals.  

For further details on the Association of South East Asian Nations please visit www.asean.org 


 ASEAN GPP Project Coordination Meeting, November 14-16, Bangkok, Thailand

IFBA Launches 3 new Professional Certifications - Biosecurity, Biocontainment Facilities and Biosafety Cabinets

The IFBA is pleased to announce the launch of three new Professional Certifications:

• Professional Certification (PC) in “Biosecurity” 
• Professional Certification (PC) in “Biocontainment Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance”
• Professional Certification (PC) in “Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation & Safe Use”

Please note that candidates applying for these new certifications must first successfully complete the pre-requisite PC in Biorisk Management before they are eligible for examination. For information on the exam content, study materials and sample questions, click here. This is an exciting opportunity for our members to advance their careers and achieve international recognition among colleagues.

A special thank you to the members of our technical committees and Assessment Systems for their hard work in developing the new certifications, and, to the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program and Sandia for their generous funding support.

The new Professional Certifications in details:

• Professional Certification (PC) in “Biosecurity” which identifies individuals with demonstrated competencies in the fundamental principles & practices of working securely with biological materials and sensitive scientific information in a laboratory, healthcare facility, field response to a disease outbreak and other environments where biological materials are handled.
• Professional Certification (PC) in “Biocontainment Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance”which identifies individuals with demonstrated competencies in the fundamental principles & practices of biocontainment design, construction, commissioning,validation, certification and facility operations and maintenance.
• Professional Certification (PC) in “Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation & Safe Use” which identifies individuals with demonstrated competencies in the fundamental principles & practices of selecting and safely using biosafety cabinets for the handling of infectious materials.

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