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IV Biosafety and Biosecurity Argentinean Workshop

Argentinean Microbiology Congress1IV Biosafety and BiosecurityArgentinean Microbiology Congress2
Argentinean Workshop

September 26, 2016- Rosario. Santa Fe, ARGENTINA
At the 2016 Latin-American and
Argentinean Microbiology Congress


  • Biosafety and Biosecurity in Latin America: the role of the PAHO. Jean- Marc Gabastou. PAHO.
  • Principles of Biocontainment. Luis Linares. Merrick & Company. Latin
  • Transportation of biological samples. Germán Canda. DGM-Argentina. Biosafety and
  • Biosecurity Initiatives from the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA). Maureen Ellis, IFBA. Canada.

Round tables:

  • Safe management of genetically modified organisms. Esmeralda Prat. European Biosafety Association (EBSA); Magadalena Sosa Beláustegui, Bayer –CONABIA; Patricia Miranda, Instituto de Agrobiotecnología Rosario (INDEAR).
  • Risk management in the Laboratory. Leonora Nusblat, Subcommittee on Biosafety and Biosecurity, Argentinean Association of Microbiology (AAM); Analía Purita, Argentinean Institute for Normalization and Certification (IRAM); Edgar Sevilla Reyes, Mexican Biosafety Association (AMEXBIO); Leila dos Santos Macedo, Brazilian Biosafety Association (ANBIO).

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