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2nd OIE Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction, Ottawa, Canada, 31/10 - 2/11 2017

OIE 2017


The 2nd OIE Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction will take place in Ottawa, Canada, from 31 October to 2 November 2017 at the Westin Ottawa. This event will examine the recommendations and activities undertaken since the 1st Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction that took place in June 2015 in Paris (France).

The first Conference brought together international experts in the security sector with those in animal, ecosystem and public health sectors with the aim of “building cooperation for efficient health and security systems worldwide” to reduce biological threats. Since then, cross-sectoral partnerships have been forged and collaborations continue to be explored.

As biological threats continue to be a concern to us all, the second Conference will allow participants to continue to foster awareness around the mechanisms in place to reduce biological threats, explore potential dual use technologies, as well as highlight where the sectors have contributed globally to biological threat reduction. In this regard, the overall theme for this Conference is “enhancing health and security for all”.

The Conference will host up to 400 participants including: relevant international organisations, official National Delegates of OIE Member Countries, leading scientific experts, donors, and stakeholders from animal production and trade, animal health and welfare, public health and security communities.

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