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The IFBA’s examinations are a standardized measurement of the knowledge and skills expected of professionals in specific technical disciplines related to the management of biological risks. The IFBA publishes the content outline for each examination outlining the domains, task and knowledge statements specific to each technical discipline. The content outline also notes the percentage of exam questions (called “items”) per domain. Candidates are strongly encouraged to become thoroughly familiar with this content as part of their preparation.

In order to familiarize candidates with the nature and form of the examination questions, sample questions have been provided. These questions reflect the range of content and difficulty that would be typical on the examination; however, this small sample does not provide a complete picture of the diversity that candidates should expect to encounter on the actual examination. Following each question is the correct or best response (called the “key”).
Examination questions are written from a wide variety of publications and resources in the field and some suggested references have also been provided to assist candidates in preparing for the exam. Please refer to the exam content for a complete list of task and knowledge statements, sample questions and references.
Click here for “Professional Certification in Biorisk Management – Exam Content” - (Arabic Version) (French Version(Russian Version) (Spanish Version)
Click here for “Professional Certification in Biological Waste Management – Exam Content”
Click here for “Professional Certification in Biocontainment Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance – Exam Content”
Click here for “Professional Certification in Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation and Safe Use – Exam Content”
Click here for “Professional Certification in Biosecurity – Exam Content”

Potential applicants may also contact the IFBA’s Member Biosafety Associations which offer training courses relevant to the certification exam content. The Association of Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand offers an online training program geared towards the Biorisk Management and Biological Waste Management Certifications. A list of current Members who may also be offering training can be found here.
The IFBA neither sponsors, nor endorses, nor financially benefits from any training or review courses for the IFBA examinations.


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