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The IFBA recognizes mentoring as a noteworthy way to enrich learning and share a wide range of knowledge and experience. For an individual early in their career, the opportunity to interact with a practised biosafety professional can offer added answers than often can’t be found in guidelines or training courses. In many cases, the ability to make connections with experienced biosafety professional worldwide is limited by circumstances. Our mentor volunteers are leaders in many fields of biosafety, working and living all over the world. In addition to offering technical expertise and sharing experiences, IFBA mentors can provide introductions and help the mentee develop a network of colleagues.

In addition to mentorships for individuals, the IFBA offers a mentoring program for new and emerging biosafety associations to connect with a neighboring association in their region of the world.

If you are looking for mentoring assistance, we urge you to contact us for a prospective mentor who might be able to help you. Mentoring relationships will be mutually agreed upon as to goals, time span, type of interaction, etc. Some may wish to interact only by correspondence, while others will want more in-depth opportunities to enhance knowledge.

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Download a copy of the Application for Mentorship form here
Download a copy of the Mentoring Confidentiality Agreement here


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