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Ursula Jenal (Switzerland)

Since 2001, Ursula Jenal is executive manager of Jenal & Partners Biosafety Consulting advising industry, academia and authorities on an international level on all issues related to biosafety and biosecurity: risk assessment of contained use activities of all levels; risk assessment of nano-bio-materials; environmental risk assessment for gene and cell therapy and recombinant vaccine clinical trials and market authorisation applications; guidelines on safe use of cell cultures, plant pathogens, transport, waste treatment; biorisk management systems, crisis management, biorisk management audits, ISO140001 audits, biosafety training, safe procedure design, project management. Owning a PhD in microbiology from the Swiss Institute of Technology, and after completing a PostDoc at Stanford University, she has been a senior scientist at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment from 1996 to 2000, acting as co-author of the Swiss Biotechnology Regulations harmonised with the corresponding EU directives. A member of EBSA since 2001, she has been representing EBSA at the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention meetings. She participated in the CEN workshop agreement process to design the CWA15973 Biorisk Management Standard and has been co-chair of the CEN workshop to produce CWA16335 on BioSafety Professional (BSP) competence, thereby representing Switzerland.

Ursula Jenal

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