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The IFBA Professional Certification examinations are objective, multiple-choice tests consisting of 100 questions. The examinations are closed-book; referring to notes, study guides, books and other reference materials are not permitted. Exams are offered in conjunction with our Member Biosafety Association conferences and events around the world. Additionally, candidates can take the examination online using the FastTest and Software Secure’s Remote Proctor technology. This system allows candidates to take the exam at a convenient time of their choosing and from their own office or home. The process identifies a candidate and records video, audio and computer screen capture which is simultaneously communicated to a restricted-access secure server and reviewed for examination integrity. The Guide to Online Certification Exams will assist individuals through the process of setting up their computer and exam room environment, validating their identify and answering the examination questions through FastTest via their computer.

Guide to Online Certification Exams
Request Modifications

An applicant who wishes to request modifications in the examination environment because of a disability must notify the IFBA in writing at the time of application and provide appropriate documentation about the disability and the needed modification. Unless the applicant’s disability would prohibit certification for the requested technical disciplines, the IFBA will work directly with the applicant to make modifications in the testing environment which make it possible for an individual with a disability to take an examination under conditions which will accurately reflect the individual’s aptitude or achievement level.

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