IFBA Equity-Focused Coordinating Committee

See the Equity-Focused Coordinating Committee Flyer here

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations’ Equity-Focused Coordinating Committee (IFBA ECC) serves to identify and implement objectives aimed towards sustainable equitable practice within global biosafety and biosecurity. The IFBA ECC is composed of a diverse set of professionals with demonstrated knowledge and experience in biosafety, biosecurity, and/or disciplines related to gender and intersectional equity. IFBA ECC Members steer the production of focused, quantifiable outcomes that are designed to empower, retain, and amplify the voices of marginalized members and leaders within biosafety and biosecurity communities. As such, the IFBA ECC intends to promote a global professional culture of accountability and inclusivity.

Members of the ECC serve two-year terms, during which they will work directly with the IFBA Secretariat and IFBA governance to help steer existing and emerging IFBA programming through feedback to the IFBA Board of Directors and Certification Body. IFBA ECC activities include continued relevant literature and policy review, IFBA Member Association Engagement, and collaboration with other relevant IFBA regional and institutional partners to foster sustainable and inclusive professional networks in biosafety and biosecurity.

If you have any questions regarding the IFBA ECC, including the application process, please contact Stephanie Norlock, IFBA Program Officer at  s.norlock@internationalbiosafety.org

IFBA ECC Members

Gowri Gopalakrishna
Gowri GopalakrishnaIFBA ECC Chair (Netherlands)
Bintou Ahmadou Ahidjo
Bintou Ahmadou AhidjoIFBA ECC Vice Chair (Canada)
Alveena Zehra
Alveena ZehraIFBA ECC Member (Pakistan)
Tatyana Novossiolova
Tatyana NovossiolovaIFBA ECC Member (Bulgaria)
Lissete Valenzuela Fabris
Lissete Valenzuela FabrisIFBA ECC Member (Mexico)
Judith Chukwuebinim Okolo
Judith Chukwuebinim OkoloIFBA ECC Member (Nigeria)
Prasad Kuduvalli
Prasad KuduvalliIFBA ECC Member (USA)