Dear Colleagues,
We would like to announce that nominations for the 2019 IFBA Biosafety Heroes Awards are now open. The deadline for submissions is 15 November. (See attached nomination form). IFBA Biosafety Heroes are exceptional and inspiring individuals honored by the global biosafety community as having made a difference for the better. Biosafety Heroes serve as role models, showing others that each individual is important and can contribute to the global fight against infectious disease. Further details on the selection criteria can be found on our website at Biosafety Heroes. Please recognize those who have made a difference helping others in the field of biosafety and biosecurity by nominating them for this unique award today.

A special thanks to my fellow members of the IFBA Biosafety Heroes Working Group:
• Ben Fontes, USA
• Albert Bunyasi (previous awardee), Kenya
• Viji Vijayan, Singapore
• Lela Bakanidze (previous awardee), Georgia
• Plebeian Medina, Philippines
• Tatyana Novossiolova, Bulgaria,.
• Helen Leonard, Australi

Best regards,

Michael Weaver
IFBA Biosafety Heroes Working Group

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