IFBA Biosafety Association Sustainability Tool

This tool is being provided to IFBA Member Biosafety Associations for self-assessment of their organizational capacity and sustainability. Sustainability is a measure of an association’s ability to fulfill its mission, to serve its members and stakeholders over time, and to deliver lasting impactful outcomes. The assessment questions are compiled on the basis of the work of many organizations including PACT (an international capacity development organization) and KEPA’s “Organizational Capacity Assessment: An Introduction to a Tool” (a Finish organization who provide capacity building assistance to non-governmental organizations).

Results from the assessment will help each association deepen its understanding of their current capacity and includes ratings across a variety of capacity and sustainability elements:

  • Governance & Strategic Focus – the way an organization formulates and implements policies guiding the conduct of its mission and the attainment of its goals
  • Management & Administration – the organization’s structures, practices and human resources to manage and administer its activities and day-to-day operations
  • Financial Resources – the way in which funds are raised, managed and used for the purpose intended
  • Stakeholder Relations & Service Delivery– the way members and stakeholders interact with the association and benefit from its activities
Click here to access and complete the online version of the tool (http://assess.internationalbiosafety.org/)
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