Maintain your Certification

IFBA’s certificants may use the IFBA Certification logo in their personal business (e.g. business cards, resumes and personal web site) as a way of showing pride in their professional certification. All certificants are required to make claims regarding their certification only with respect to the scope for which it was granted, not to use the certificate in a misleading manner, and to discontinue all claims to certification upon withdrawal of the certification. Certification may be revoked at any time and the applicant may be barred from admission to take future certification examinations if it is established that the information contained in, or supplied in support of, an application for examination is inaccurate in any material respect or if it is established that the applicant engaged in any inappropriate conduct during the examination (such as giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid). Certificants are also required to attest to the Certification Code of Conduct and Statement of Confidentiality webforms located in their Certifior account before their certification will be issued.


The IFBA’s certifications are valid for a period of 5 years after which the certificants must undergo a recertification process. Documented activities demonstrating continued competence and continued practice must be completed and submitted to the IFBA prior to the certificate expiration date. Failure to do so will result in expiry and revocation of the certification. Recertification cycles begin the day an individual becomes certified and ends on December 31st of the 5th full year following the start of the certificants cycle. The program requires that individuals acquire a total of 40 points across the categories defined by the IFBA and earn the minimum required points in each category.

Click here for a copy of the IFBA Professional Recertification Application Guide.

The recertification fee in each technical discipline is set at $150.00USD to cover the costs of reviewing the application and administering the recertification process for each candidate.  Recertification application fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome. Applicants who currently reside and have responsibility for biorisk management in eligible countries, will receive a discounted, non-refundable recertification fee pricing of $75.00USD for all PC recertifications.

Click below for a copy of the recertification categories, minimum points required and application form:

Complaints & Appeals

The IFBA investigates and examines all complaints received from applicants, candidates, certified persons and their employers, and other parties about the certification process and criteria, as well as policies and procedures for the performance of certified persons. Where a candidate disagrees with the evaluation/assessment given, he or she must explain the reasons for this to the IFBA for review by an individual designated by the IFBA (the designated person cannot have been involved in initial assessment). The complaint reviewer considers the candidate’s explanation and provides a clear explanation or a repeat explanation of the assessment decision following a re-evaluation of the evidence. If the candidate agrees with the outcome at this stage, then the appeal will not proceed any further. If the candidate is not satisfied with the outcome, then he or she can file an appeal.