Observer Organizations

The IFBA provides an opportunity for like-minded international agencies, academia, governments, NGOs and professional associations to join the IFBA as an Observer organization. Observer organizations possess an interest on issues of biosafety, biosecurity and biorisk management but are not formally organized as a national or regional biosafety association.

Afghan Biosafety and Health Research Organization

African Society for Laboratory Medicine

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Belgian Biosafety Professionals

Bioemergency EU, Italy

Biological Association of Pakistan

Biological Weapons Convention Implementation Support Unit

Biorisk Management Institute of Kudistan

Biosafety and Biosecurity LLC, Russia

Biosafety Training Institute, University of Edinburgh

Biosecurity Engagement Program, US Department of State

Bradford Disarmament Research Centre, University of Bradford

Campus Safety, Health & Environmental Management Association

Caribbean Med Labs Foundation

Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

Centre for Biosecurity, Public Health Agency of Canada

Center for Disease Control ROC Taiwan

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

Cooperative Biological Engagement Program, US Department of Defense