Apply and Take an Exam

Computer-based testing using the Examity®  platform is the standard method of administering IFBA’s online examinations with live remote proctoring at the candidate’s site. The Certification Portal User Guide will assist individuals through the application and online examination process. Paper-based written examinations are also offered in certain situations with IFBA approved proctors to administer and supervise the process. Certification exams in English can be taken online at any time. Examinations in all other languages are only offered at scheduled written paper-based sessions.

Applications for certification are accepted at any time but must be submitted via the IFBA’s Certification Portal at The Certification Portal User Guide will assist individuals through the application process. Applicants must agree to abide by the IFBA Certification Code of Conduct and Statement of Confidentiality before they are eligible to register for an examination (this process is completed electronically within the Certification Portal). Applicants must also ensure they have pre-requisite certifications (e.g. Biorisk Management) before they are permitted to take any further certification examinations.

Click here for a copy of the Candidate’s Handbook

Click here for a copy of the Guide to Creating an IFBA Certification Portal Account

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Certification Fees

The certification application fee for Professional Certification in each technical discipline is set at $200.00 USD to cover administration costs for each candidate. For convenience, the online Certification Portal enables payment of fees directly to the IFBA. Certification application fees are non-refundable regardless of whether the candidate passes or fails the examination. It is important to note that candidates who reschedule their examination less than 24 hours before the scheduled examination date and time, will be charged a rescheduling fee of $30.00USD. Candidates who fail to appear at their exam date and time will be charged a rescheduling fee of $50.00USD. The recertification fee for each technical discipline is set at $150.00 USD to cover the costs of reviewing the application and administering the recertification process. Recertification application fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome.

International Scholarships

In order to increase accessibility of the certification program internationally the IFBA implements an international scholarship program is designed to empower those in need of international credentials in biorisk management, who live in resource-limited countries where economic circumstances impact their ability to pay the full certification and recertification fees.
Applicants who currently reside and have responsibility for biorisk management in eligible countries will receive discounted fee pricing of $100.00USD for all certifications and $75.00USD for all recertifications. For a current list of eligible countries for discounted pricing, please contact the IFBA Secretariat at

Request Modifications

An applicant who wishes to request modifications in the examination environment because of a disability must notify the IFBA in writing at the time of application and provide appropriate documentation about the disability and the needed modification. Unless the applicant’s disability would prohibit certification for the requested technical disciplines, the IFBA will work directly with the applicant to make modifications in the testing environment which make it possible for an individual with a disability to take an examination under conditions which will accurately reflect the individual’s aptitude or achievement level.

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