Biosafety Heroes Program
10th Anniversary Awards

Ten years ago, the IFBA created a Biosafety Heroes program to identify and celebrate extraordinary individuals who make significant contributions to help others in the field of biorisk management. IFBA Biosafety Heroes continue to be exceptional and inspiring individuals honored by the global biosafety community as having made a difference for the better. Biosafety Heroes serve as role models, showing others that each individual is important and can contribute to the global fight against infectious diseases. The first awards were given at the IFBA meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in Feb 2011.

Selection criteria:
• Nominees are selected on their uniqueness, the specific accomplishments he or she has achieved that are truly remarkable, and the impact their work has had on others.
• Preference is given to individuals who
o operate in an environment where biosafety funds are limited, and/or where the importance of biosafety is not fully appreciated.
o have not yet been recognized with other biosafety awards.
• Nominations are welcome for people at all stages in their careers.

Selection mechanism:
1. Nominations can be made by anyone. They should be emailed to the International Federation of Biosafety Associations:
o The deadline for nominations for the 2020 awards is 1 November 2020.
o Nominations are welcome at any time. Once received they will be considered for at least one year.
2. Winners are chosen by a selection committee based on the criteria outlined above.

Biosafety Heroes Working Group members:
• Michael Weaver, United States (chair)
• Viji Vijayan, Singapore
• Lela Bakanidze, Georgia
• Abiodun Denloye, Nigeria
• Tatyana Novossiolova, Bulgaria
• Helen Leonard, Australia
• Richa Sood, India
• Mohammad Dwairi, Jordan

Download here the Biosafety Heroes Nomination Form