It is widely recognized that a holistic, multisectoral and multidisciplinary approach is needed for addressing gaps and strengthening public health security. Challenges are complex and cannot be effectively addressed by one sector alone. Efforts must include all relevant stakeholders including public and private, civil society, international partners and donors. Acknowledging the important role of civil society, the IFBA and it’s network of 47 national and regional biosafety associations are assisting national authorities to integrate biosafety and biosecurity into national policies, to improve sustainable laboratory infrastructure, and to increase biorisk management competencies among those working with infectious diseases. Tapping into the technical expertise of Biosafety Associations has demonstrated results with a strong correlation between the number of IFBA certified professionals in a country with a national Biosafety Association.

Click here to read the IFBA’s white paper Multisectoral & Multidisciplinary Approach to Strengthening Health Security: A Key Role for Civil Society Biosafety Associations