Addressing Challenges in

Global Health Security

29 January – 1 February 2018, Geneva

Global Health Security Threats: Detect-Prevent-Respond

How can we improve outbreak prevention and response, as well as biosecurity and biosafety measures at the national, regional and global levels?
How should we strengthen detection strategies and national laboratory systems?
Why is a multi-sectoral response to biological incidents crucial?   
Why is working across sectors and silos such a critical element of success in global health security, and how do institutions and actors help or hinder this?  Leaders are expected to formulate policies for best practices and strategies for dealing with future health contexts and crisis scenarios. This programme provides an opportunity to learn the basics of current health practices, policies, implementation schemes, and approaches for the road ahead.
Throughout the programme, participants will examine emerging health challenges and their governance implications, working together to understand and devise ways to mitigate potential health threats.

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