The International Federation of Biosafety Associations and NuAire are pleased to continue their partnership that aims to enhance global competency in biological safety cabinets, a principal containment device used to protect laboratory workers and the surrounding environment. NuAire has a long tradition of supporting Biosafety Associations as an educational effort, including the provision of funding grants for the IFBA’s Professional Certification exam in Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation and Safe Use. Such sponsorships positively impact biosafety professionals around the world with demonstrated competencies in the fundamental principles & practices of selecting and safely using biological safety cabinets for the handling of biological materials.

The IFBA NuAire partnership has already seen strong results with newly Certified Professionals in Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Singapore.  Additional candidates from Nigeria, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan and Mexico are scheduled to sit for their examination in the coming month.

Sponsoring a certification candidate is a powerful way for corporations to strengthen local capacity and showcase their commitment to bringing substantial benefits to institutions and communities in which they operate. To learn more about the IFBA’s “Connecting Candidates with Sponsors” program, click here.