The IFBA is pleased to announce the launch of BIORISK ADVENTURE, an online game-based learning tool, illustrating the concepts of the risk-based approach for managing biological risks as outlined in the WHO 4th Edition Laboratory Biosafety Manual and its supporting monographs. Through real-life scenarios set in several geographical locations and incorporating the core requirements and options for heighted control measures, players use their judgement in selecting available risk mitigation measures depending on the nature of the pathogen and laboratory activities, local geographic conditions, and available resources.

Biological risk assessment forms the foundation of sustainable and impactful biosafety and biosecurity solutions. By playing this game, you will learn how to apply knowledge and make sound judgements in the selection of appropriate risk-control measures that are achievable using the local resources available, that are not overly restrictive, and that enable the work to proceed safely and securely.

Click here to create and account and start playing, earn achievement badges and see your name at the top of the leaderboard!

On July 1st, after the first month of play, the highest-ranking individual on the leaderboard will be awarded a voucher towards a free online IFBA professional certification exam.

For more information and/or assistance on how to play the game, please contact Alfred Alinda at


The IFBA is grateful for the funding support provided by the Weapons Threat Reduction Program of Global Affairs Canada under the Global Partnership’s Signature Initiative to Mitigate Biological Threats in Africa.