The IFBA would like to announce the launch of their new Professional Certification in Biological Risk Assessment which identifies individuals with demonstrated competencies in conducting structured and systematic biosafety and biosecurity risk assessments. The examination is being offered in the English, French and Arabic languages.

Greater and more in-depth competencies related to quality risk assessments and sound risk-based judgements were identified as an urgent need during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the launch of the new 4th WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual. The new WHO Manual adopts a risk- and evidence-based approach which requires individuals to apply knowledge and make sound judgements in the selection of appropriate risk-control measures that are proportionate to the risks involved and their local conditions and achievable using the local resources available. In addition to fundamentals of quality risk assessments, a key knowledge area within the new risk assessment certification includes implementing biosafety & biosecurity risk mitigation measures for novel and dangerous pathogens during the early stages of an outbreak in the presence of uncertainties.

Click here to learn more about the Biological Risk Assessment exam content and access the study guides.

The IFBA is grateful to the members of the Biological Risk Assessment Technical Committee, and, for the support and collaboration provided by the US Biological Threat Reduction Program and Sandia National Laboratories for this project.