The IFBA is pleased to announce the launch of their new Professional Certification in Cyberbiosecurity which identifies individuals with demonstrated competencies in the mitigation of cybersecurity risks within biological laboratories. This includes Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) risks in order to protect sensitive biological research, data, databases, and laboratory facilities and equipment against illicit or unauthorized access, theft, tampering, or other forms of misuse.

The frequency of cyber attacks has steadily increased worldwide with biotechnology, life sciences and healthcare organizations seen as vulnerable targets. Malicious exploitation of cyber vulnerabilities in these sectors can not only result in data theft but also negatively impact the health, safety and security of laboratory workers and the surrounding community. In light of these growing risks, cyberbiosecurity has emerged as a rapidly evolving multidisciplinary field at the convergence of the biological and IT worlds, requiring an understanding of both disciplines. In today’s technology dependent world, individuals working in and around biological laboratories need to be well versed in the basic fundamentals of biosecurity, physical security and cybersecurity.

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The IFBA is grateful to the members of the Cyberbiosecurity Technical Committee and for the support provided by CRDF Global and US Biosecurity Engagement Program.