The IFBA is pleased to collaborate with AMEXBIO in the delivery of the IFBA’s Professional Certifications during their upcoming International Symposium on Biosafety and Biosecurity. The exam session will be held from 5:30 – 7:30 pm on June 7th at the Fiesta Americana Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For further details on the event click here.

In addition to offering the Professional Certification in Biorisk Management in the English or Spanish language, we will also be offering the new IFBA Professional Certifications in Biosecurity, Biocontainment Facilities, Biosafety Cabinets and Biological Waste Management. Only those individuals who have successfully completed the pre-requisite Biorisk Management certification are eligible for these new certifications (please note that these new certifications are not yet available in the Spanish language). For information on the exam content, study materials and sample questions, click here.

All applications must be processed through the on-line Certifior system at These instructions will guide individuals through the application process. For further details and enquiries on this session please contact the IFBA Secretariat by email at