The IFBA is pleased to welcome Sacha Wallace-Sankarsingh as our Regional Program Coordinator for Latin America/Caribbean (LAC). Ms. Wallace-Sankarsingh, MSc, MPH (International Public Health), is an independent health security laboratory consultant with over fifteen years’ experience working with public health institutions focused on laboratory systems strengthening and addressing issues of biosafety and biosecurity in the Caribbean. At the international level, Sacha is a member of the current WHO Technical Advisory Group on Biosafety (WHO TAG-B) and has previously served as Chair of the Global Health Security Agenda APP3 on Biosafety and Biosecurity. Over the next two years, she will be collaborating with the IFBA’s core implementing partners to further develop and expand biosafety and biosecurity as a key aspect of national and regional health security in the LAC region. The IFBA is grateful to the funding provided by Global Affairs Canada’s Weapons Threat Reduction Program (WTRP) for this important initiative.