The IFBA would like to announce an update to their Professional Certification in “Biosecurity”. This new examination reflects an updated body of knowledge related to the evolving landscape of biological threats including:

  • the growing list of non-traditional actors engaged in biological research, the do-it-yourself community, and low-effort bioterrorism and biocrimes;
  • cyberbiosecurity risks within biological laboratories including information and operational technology risks in order to protect sensitive biological data and laboratory facilities against illicit access, theft, tampering, or other forms of misuse; and,
  • the biosecurity implications of genetic engineering, genome editing, synthetic biology and other rapidly evolving biotechnologies.

A copy of the study guide including sample questions and references can be downloaded at the following link:

The IFBA is grateful for the support and collaboration provided by the US Biological Threat Reduction Program and Sandia National for this project.