The IFBA would like to announce an update to their Professional Certifications in “Biological Waste Management” and “Biological Safety Cabinets Selection, Installation and Safe Use”.

In accordance with ISO 17024 “Conformity Assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons”, the IFBA revalidates their examinations with enough frequency to ensure the competency requirements being assessed reflect current practice. These new examinations reflect current risk-based approaches outlined in the World Health Organization’s 4th edition Laboratory Biosafety Manual and supporting monographs in “Decontamination and Waste Management” and “Biological Safety Cabinets and other Primary Containment Devices”. The new examinations also consider the past performance of exam questions and feedback provided to the IFBA by candidates.

A copy of the study guide including sample questions and references can be downloaded at the following link:

The IFBA is grateful for the support and collaboration provided by the US Biological Threat Reduction Program and Sandia National Laboratories for this project.