The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is pleased to welcome its newest Member Biosafety Association in the Caribbean region. Two new observer organizations are also joining our growing global community from Turkey and Morocco.

Caribbean Society for Biosafety and Biosecurity (CSBB)
The CSBB is a collective of professionals from across the Caribbean archipelago, established as a not for profit, non-governmental organization, headquartered and registered in Trinidad and Tobago. As awareness, interest, and activities around biosafety and biosecurity increased throughout the Caribbean network of laboratories over the past decade, the concept of a united society was envisioned. In March 2023, the formalization and true birth of the society took place, to foster greater cohesiveness, collaboration, and camaraderie in the field, within our already geographically linked region.

The Vision of the CSBB is “Safe and secure laboratory practices for all: Protecting lives, securing futures,” and its Mission is “To champion matters of biosafety and biosecurity across the Caribbean by promoting sustainable practices through an all-of-society approach.” Our vision and mission highlight our borderless approach, with the intent of uniting over twenty Caribbean countries through our commitment to working across various sectors including medical, security, agricultural, and other biological fields to uphold and advance biosafety, biosecurity, and biological risk management.

Through collaborative activities with regional and global partners including public and private organizations, the CSBB focuses on promoting standards of excellence, responsible conduct and consistency of locally sustainable practices to ensure the safety of our communities and the environment.

The Executive Committee of the CSBB
Chairman: Mr. Shawn Kirk, Trinidad and Tobago
Deputy Chairman: Dr. Edmund Blades, Barbados
General Secretary: Ms. Sacha Wallace-Sankarsingh, Trinidad and Tobago
Assistant Secretary: Ms. Joyce Whyte-Chin, Guyana
Treasurer: Ms. Cindy Youk-See, Trinidad and Tobago
Communications Officer: Dr. Arianne Brown Jordan, Trinidad and Tobago

The Board of the CSBB
Executive committee members: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, General Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer
Floor Member: Ms. Gail Trotman, Barbados
Floor Member: Ms. Abiola Lyons, Trinidad and Tobago

The CSBB is composed of founding members, active members, supporters and honorary members. For more information, please contact the CSBB at


Biosafety and Biosecurity Association (Türkiye) (BBATUR)
The Biosafety and Biosecurity Association of Türkiye is a non-governmental, non-political association that officially registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Directorate of Relations with Civil Society with the registration number 16-059-172 on June 2nd, 2023. BBATUR mainly focuses on supporting and raising of biosafety & biosecurity awareness, institutionalizing the culture of biosafety & biosecurity, ensuring compliance with the national/international regulations and good laboratory practices in collaboration with stakeholders in Türkiye. Association also aims standardisation of biosafety & biosecurity trainings and education, implementation biological risk assessments and risk mitigations, development of training tools and collaboration with national and international stakeholders and partners.

BBATUR is formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals including academic participants from animal and human health, and public and private sector professionals. Elected executive board for 2023-2026 term are:

President: Ayşen GARGILI KELEŞ, DVM, PhD

Vice President: Mustafa HASOKSUZ, DVM, PhD

General Secretary: Erkin BİLGESÜ, Chem, PhD

Treasurer: Muhammed KARAHAN, DVM, PhD

Member: Mehmet Önder ERGONÜL, MD, PH MSc.

LinkedIn page: Biyogüvenlik ve Biyoemniyet Derneği (Biosafety and Biosecurity Association-Türkiye)



Biorisk Management Association of Morocco (BMAM)
The Biorisk Management Association of Morocco (BMAM) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that contributes to managing biological risks through its evaluation and mitigation and in helping in capacity building, awareness, advocacy and lobbying for enhancing biorisk management systems. BMAM promote biosafety and biosecurity as a scientific discipline and serves the initial and growing needs of biosafety and biosecurity in Morocco. BMAM was officially created on 5th January 2023 by a group of experts working in the field of biosafety and biosecurity from the Human Health sector, Agriculture and Animal Health sector and High Education sector.

Our association’s mission is to raise awareness, enhance capacity, and develop Biorisk management expertise in order to provide creative, long-lasting solutions to the nation’s Biorisk challenges.