The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is pleased to welcome the Eurasian Biosafety Society (EBS) as an official Member organization. The EBS is an independent, national organization founded by scientists coming together to establish a framework about biosafety and biosecurity in its local context as a beginning in Türkiye. The mission of the Society is to provide a meeting point for the researchers who have a common approach to biological risks and support all the individuals and related stakeholders through education, consultancy, and guidance. The society is eager to get involved in collaboration and cooperation with the researchers and organizations related to biosafety and biosecurity. The members of the society are able to get advantage by having an active role and responsibilities in the society’s activities.

Our vision is to be a leading member of the global biosafety culture and the reference national organization supporting and guiding solution partners through shared knowledge. Our society priorities awareness-raising, shared knowledge, equality, open-mindedness, empathy, and solution-orientedness.

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Instagram: eurasianbiosafety

Current Council Members:       
President: M. Sencer Karagül
Pelin Tuncer Göktuna
Emre Özan
Murat Kaplan
Muhammed Karahan
Müge Fırat