Swiss Biosafety Network (SBNet)

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is pleased to welcome the Swiss Biosafety Network (SBNet) as an official Member to the IFBA. The SBNet is an independent, national organisation open to all biosafety and biosecurity professionals including engineering and maintenance staff. SBNet aims to maintain a high level of biosafety and biosecurity by sustaining and supporting implementation of applicable and practical solutions.

SBNet will achieve this by:
• Exchanging first-hand information on the practical aspects of biosafety and biosecurity;
• Representing the members’ interests in biosafety and biosecurity;
• Acting as an interface between the authorities and institutions that have to implement biosafety and biosecurity measures;
• Counselling the national authorities and organizations in all practical aspects of biosafety and biosecurity;
• Fostering relations with national and international organisations.

SBNet will facilitate this by:
• Building an active biosafety network;
• Organising annual applied biosafety meetings;
• Organising various training courses;
• Providing a professional platform for engineering and maintenance staff;
• Drawing up and compiling position papers for the government;
• Promoting discussions on emerging biosafety and biosecurity topics;
• Initiating new and/or alternative solutions for applied biosafety.

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Current Council Members:
President: Isabel Hunger-Glaser
Secretary General: Daniel Kümin Treasurer: Jörg Frank
Head of Science & Training Group: Kathrin Summermatter
Head of Conference Organisation Group: Yves Hartmann