Hellenic Society of Biosafety (HBS)

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is pleased to welcome the Hellenic Society of Biosafety (HBS) as an official Member to the IFBA. The increasing need to enhance the protection and the safety of the employees involved in the management, processing, analysis and transfer of biological agents, as well as the safety of the general public and the protection of the environment, has led to the establishment of the Society, in the areas of Health, Agriculture, Animal health, Food and Pharmaceutical industry.

The main Goals of the Hellenic Biosafety Society

  • Promote the study of all Biosafety principles and practices with the aim of minimizing any risk to the citizens, the professionals and the environment caused by the management, processing, analysis, creation, storage and transport of biological agents and materials
  • Recognize Biosafety as a distinct scientific professional path, through education and research
  • Inform and promote the knowledge about Biosafety to the general public and to the government, with the goal to raise the awareness.
  • Design and implement standards, guidelines and best practices of Biosafety, in line with national and international guidelines and requirements, based on the risk assessment.
  • Raise awareness of Biosafety professionals by promoting Biosafety and Bioethics principles and practices, especially to those who are dealing with hazardous materials and to reduce the probability of occupational diseases and adverse environmental impacts

Members of the Society may be scientists and health professionals, who have been involved or have shown interest in Biosafety and Biosecurity such as: Medical Doctors, Medical Laboratory Technologists and Scientists, Nurses, Biologists, Biochemists and other Health Scientists, Veterinarians, Agronomists, Lawyers, Engineers and Architects.

The first provisional Board of Directors:
President: Vogiatzakis Evangelos
Vice-President: Antonakos Georgios
General Secretary: Vourtsis Dionysios
Special Secretary: Tryphinopoulou Kyriaki
Treasurer: Karabela Simona
Member: Papa – Konidari Anna
Member: Genitsis Savva

Contact the Hellenic Society of Biosafety at

Association Guinéenne de Biosûreté et de Biosécurité (AGUIBIOS)

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is pleased to welcome the Association Guinéenne de Biosûreté et de Biosécurité (AGUIBIOS) as an official Member to the IFBA. The overall objective of AGUIBIOS is to contribute to better protection against biological risks through adequate prevention, mitigation and management measures. This organisation is intended to be a framework for the exchange of information and experiences and a structure for the monitoring and capacity-building of the various actors.

More specifically, the Association pursues the following objectives:

  • Promote good biological and clinical practices for the adoption of behaviours conducive to health and individual and collective well-being;
  •  Support the production of media and tools for the implementation of strategies, biosecurity and biosafety; and the development of guidelines, databases and indicators for monitoring and evaluation;
  • Strengthening technical expertise in biosafety and biosafety in laboratories and research institutions;
  • Support the networking of laboratories and research institutions to strengthen the surveillance and early detection of risk systems;
  • Develop advocacy with decision-makers with a view to a strong mobilization for biosafety and biosafety;
  • Develop partnership with other biosafety and biosecurity associations at the national, regional and international levels;
  • Promote research, exchange of information and experiences;
  • Provide an advisory opinion on the transfer of biological material, data and information, on biobanking or Databank/repository in compliance with the laws in force in Guinea including intellectual property.

For more information please visit AGUIBIOS at: www.aguibios.org

BioSafety BioSecurity BioRisk Association of Mongolia (BBBAM)

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is pleased to welcome the BioSafety BioSecurity BioRisk Association of Mongolia (BBBAM) as an official Member to the IFBA. The BBBAM was registered in Mongolia on November 9, 2016.

The Association aims to

  • To provide a professional body that represents the interests and desires of practitioners of biosafety, biosecurity, and bio risk management
    throughout the country;
  • To promote risk assessment, safety and security consultations, and the best practices in design and implementation among laboratories; and,
  • To advocate for the development and advancement of bio risk management as a
    scientific discipline and as a profession.

Contact the BBBAM

Tsatsralt-Od Bira, President: tsatsraltb@nccd.gov.mn
Davaatseren.S, Secretary: davaatseren1985@gmail.com