Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Society

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Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Society is a nonprofit, non-government, charitable, voluntary and non-political organization. The establishment of the Society was initiated based on a network, working in Bangladesh, in the field of Biosafety and Biosecurity since November 2011 to foster best and sustainable biosafety and biosecurity practices in Bangladesh. The benefits envisioned by the Society are:

  • A coordinated national biosafety and biosecurity network
  • Standardized biosafety, biosecurity and containment procedures and practices
  • Expert knowledge accessible to national regulatory groups in all aspects of biological safety and security
  • Development and advancement of national biosafety and biosecurity expertise

The Society is working to promote biosafety and biosecurity knowledge in human health, agriculture and livestock for infectious disease prevention and controlling spread of biological hazard by conducting training, conferences, workshops and distributing information through various routes. The society is working to increase biosafety and biosecurity experts in Bangladesh since 2015 who can provide consultations and opinions on related issues. The society is also creating biosafety and biosecurity recommendations and guidelines for Bangladesh.

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