The IFBA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which includes 48 professional biosafety associations around the world, as well as partners across public, private, and academic sectors. Within these networks are women biosafety and biosecurity professionals with diverse backgrounds, roles, and perspectives. Women make up much of the frontline response to global health security yet remain underrepresented in senior leadership and policy decision making which influences their work. Women are integral to health emergency preparedness and response across a variety of professional sectors engaged in biosafety and biosecurity activities, both inside and outside of the laboratory setting.

The IFBA Equity-Focused Coordinating Committee and Germfree Laboratories are proud to present a Living Mosaic of Women Champions in Global Biosafety and Biosecurity. Join us in celebrating 5 women from across the globe who share their unique experiences and explore the strengths of women professionals in frontline and leadership roles.

Click here to watch the IFBA’s “Living Mosaic of Women Champions in Global Biosafety & Biosecurity” video.

The IFBA is grateful for the support provided by the Weapons Threat Reduction Program of Global Affairs Canada for this project.