Zia Ashraf


  • -IFBA PC in Biorisk Management
  • -IFBA PC in Biological Waste Management
  • -IFBA PC in Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation and Safe Use

Reputation is everything and Zia Ashraf has worked very hard to ensure everything he has done personally and professionally is to the very best of his abilities. He is an IFBA Certified Professional in three major disciplines: Biorisk Management; Biological Waste Management; and Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation and Safe Use.

Zia studied in the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan and received his M.Phil in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan where he carried out research in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. He received his Graduation in BSc. HONS Medical Laboratory Technology from University of Health Sciences, Pakistan. Zia has been blessed to serve in health care – from diagnosing different diseases in the laboratory, maintaining quality control, developing and delivering the behavioral-based Biosafety and ISO training programs – to helping people find justice through Forensic Histopathology at Punjab Forensic Science Agency and managing the daily tasks within the organization. Currently he is serving as Forensic Scientist at Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Home Department Government of the Punjab, Pakistan. He is also serving as volunteer trainer of Biosafety for Pakistan Biological Safety Association, NIH-Fogarty USA, American Society for Microbiology, Safer Behaviors USA, young volunteer at Pakistan Red Crescent Society and American Academy of Forensic Sciences.