Gowri Gopalakrishna

IFBA ECC Chair (Netherlands)

Organization: Department of Epidemiology & Data Science, Amsterdam University Medical Centers

Gowri Gopalakrishna is an epidemiologist by training with more than 15 years of public and private public health policy experience. This includes working for the Singapore Ministry of Health, where she set up Singapore’s first national biosafety framework in 2003/04. In GSK Biologicals she was regional epidemiologist for Asia Pacific, and as a Research Programme Manager for a non-profit organization she developed the first Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark as an assessment tool of the pharmaceutical industry’s contribution to the topic. She has worked with several national and international expert advisory panels in public health and guideline development around medical testing. She has contributed over the years to IFBA as a result of her policy work around biosafety and biosecurity in Singapore. In her current role, she is leading the development of the world’s largest research integrity study in academia in The Netherlands. Her research interests include mixed methods research, the study of responsible research practices and guideline development. Diversity, equality and equity are issues close to her heart as a professional ethnic minority herself in science.