Dionysis Vourtsis

Communications & Project Officer

Dionysis Vourtsis is the Communications and Project Officer at the IFBA and serves as an  approved proctor for the delivery of IFBA professional certification examinations worldwide. He is also a Board Member at Large with the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science, the European Regional Representative with the American Society for Clinical Pathology, and President of the Hellenic Medical Laboratories Technologists Association.

Mr. Vourtsis is responsible for the management and supervision of the clinical chemistry & haematology section of the Hellenic Primary Health Care System. His duties include acting as education coordinator, quality assurance, establishing service operation work flow charts, instrument maintenance, laboratory supply chain management and performing advanced procedures in the laboratory. Mr. Vourtsis is passionate about promoting global Biomedical Laboratory Science, investigating diagnostic problems and effective approaches in clinical chemistry, and effective diagnostic procedures through implementation of adequate quality assurance protocols. Over the past several years, he has also committed his time to promote biosafety, biosecurity and biorisk management within laboratories globally including professional certification, continuing education and professional development through lectures, publications, social media and e-learning programs. He is currently working towards the establishment of a new Greek Biosafety Association.