Senior Technical Health System Strengthening Specialist for (GFCU – WHO), Afghanistan
Member IFBA Board of Directors
Executive Board Member, Afghanistan Biorisk Association

Dr.Nasir Ahmad Stanikzai is currently a Senior Technical HSS Specialist for (the Global Fund Coordination Unit GFCU – WHO Afghanistan) an Executive Board member of the Afghanistan Biorisk Association, and a Member IFBA Board of Directors, IFBA Biosafety Hero Award winner.
Ex-Director of Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) and National Influenza Center (NiC) /Ministry of Public Health (MoPH ) in Afghanistan.
He is an MD medical Doctor and Graduated from Master Level Program in Applied Dual-Use Biosecurity Education at the University of Bradford UK ). , he began his career and serves as a Health project manager and senior scientist at Afghanistan National Public Health Institute (ANPHI ) as an epidemiologist and work with scientific NGO ( PU-AMI, URC –CHS, etc ).
He leads multiple research and policy projects in close collaboration with national and International partners in Afghanistan, including AFI/Diarrhea and Molecular identification and characterization of Measles virus genotypes circulating in studies in Afghanistan.
Dr. Stanikzai has been working in the field of public health for over 20 years, with particular experience in communicable disease prevention and control, country capacity-building for GLP, Biorisk management, and health system strengthening, particularly at the primary health care level, and managing emergencies and coordinating the humanitarian health response.