Stephanie Norlock

Program Officer

Stephanie Norlock is the IFBA’s Program Officer, and aids in facilitating many of the IFBA’s programs, including the Global Mentorship Program, as well as IFBA Professional Recertification. She also performs much of the IFBA’s program performance assessments, assisting the Executive Director in implementing programming motioned by the Certification Body and Board of Directors.

Ms. Norlock holds an Honour’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Neuroscience at Carleton University. She has served as an elected undergraduate student representative on the University of Ottawa’s School of Psychology Council, and has assisted in research affiliated with the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Mental Health Research, and Centre for Neural Dynamics. Ms. Norlock’s passion for furthering scientific research, as well as her experience collaborating with diverse members of the academic community enable her to provide emergence and efficiency to IFBA programming.