TM Chua

Board Member (Singapore)

Dr. Chua was a Founding Member of the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association (A-PBA) and has served in A-PBA as President and in other capacities for several years.

He has been involved in the field of biosafety and biosecurity for the past 25 years and he was the recipient of the ABSA 2008 Arnold Wedum Lecture Award in the United States of America for his contribution to the field of Biosafety & Biosecurity. He has assisted WHO, the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO), UNOPS and the various Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture of several countries in the Asia-Pacific region as a biosafety/biosecurity consultant and a trainer in biorisk management. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of specialized biocontainment and animal research facilities for drug development, vaccine production in GLP compliance & cGMP facilities.