Established in 2011, the Mali Association for Biosafety & Biosecurity (MABB) works to strengthen biosafety and biosecurity and achieve their long-term vision of “Safety and Biosecurity for All in Mali and West Africa”. The MABB collaborates with government departments and agencies, local and international partners to develop policies, standards and best practices in the safe and secure handling of infectious materials.

After successfully obtaining their IFBA Professional Certifications in Biorisk Management and Biosecurity, MABB members have been engaged in delivering biorisk management training programs, conducting biorisk assessments, developing a university biorisk curriculum, and assisting the government with the development of draft legislation and standards for the management of biological risks in Mali. Professional Certification has had a positive impact in Mali, setting a high standard for competency, raising national visibility, and facilitating a pathway to enhanced engagement and responsibilities for the MABB.

The Association is currently planning additional certification opportunities for their members, partners and stakeholders in conjunction with the 1st Congress on Biosafety & Biosecurity to be held March 16-18, 2020, in Bamako, Mali.