The IFBA is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Cláudio Mafra as Chair of it’s Certification Body. The IFBA’s Certification Body (CB) acts as an administratively independent unit within the IFBA’s parent organization and maintains delegated authority for decisions on all matters relating to the IFBA’s Professional Certification program. With a strong interest in the management and governance of biosafety and biosecurity, Dr. Mafra’s work addresses international regulations, daily practices, and routines. He also focuses on understanding the unique challenges of Latin America and related countries, supporting several institutions in developing biosafety, biosecurity, and high biocontainment facility projects.

To date, 1775 individuals across 91 countries have been certified by the IFBA as having demonstrated competencies in the safe and secure handling of biological materials. A key strategic priority for the CB over the next two years is expanding the accessibility of the program to individuals across the Latin American and Caribbean regions. Click here to learn more about the IFBA’s Certification Program and view the worldwide Directory of Certified Professionals.