The IFBA is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chair, Vice-Chair and members to our Board of Directors. IFBA’s new Board Chair is Dr. Miguel Martin Moreno, who has served as Vice-Chair on the board since 2020. Dr. Moreno has made significant contributions to the promotion of biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines and globally. Through his ongoing efforts, he continues to create a safer and more secure environment for handling biological materials, ensuring the protection of individuals, enhancing global security, and upholding ethical standards. In his second term on the board, Prof. Khalid Temsamani now assumes the position of Vice-Chair.  Khalid is the Founding President of the Moroccan Biosafety Association (MOBSA) and an international expert in the fields of Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Biological Risk Management.

The collective experience and diverse membership of our Board will guide the organization as we continue to implement our 5 Year Strategic Plan “A Vision of Tomorrow”. Our activities in the coming years are reflective of the shared priorities of our Member Biosafety Associations, key partners and the international biosafety community. Centered around 5 strategic priorities, the strategic plan represents an ambitious and innovative path forward and highlights the importance of inclusiveness and sustainability for our future.

2023-2026 IFBA Board of Directors:

Martin Moreno, Chair
Past-President Biorisk Association of Philippines (BRAP)
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management, Biosecurity, Biological Risk Assessment
IFBA Biosafety Hero award winner

Khalid Temsamani, Vice-Chair
President Moroccan Biosafety Association (MOBSA)
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management, Biosecurity

Nicolas Steenkeste
Biosafety Project Manager, Foundation Merieux

Patrick Okanya
General Secretary, Biorisk Management Association of Kenya
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management, Biosecurity
IFBA Global Mentor
Senior Lecturer, Technical University of Kenya

Luis Ochoa Carrera
President ABSA-International, Past President Mexican Biosafety Association
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management, Biosecurity, BSCs, Biocontainment Facilities
IFBA Global Mentor
Senior Advisor, Pandemic Tech
High-Containment Lab / Pandemic Safety Manager, Michigan State University

Diah Iskandriati
Secretary, Indonesian Biorisk Association
Secretary, Asia Pacific Biosafety Association
ASEAN Representative on IFBA Women’s Network
IFBA Biosafety Hero award winner

Arnaud Orelle
IFBA Global Mentor
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management, Biosafety Cabinets
Advisory Board, Young Leaders Circle, American Society for Microbiology, France

Nasir Ahmad Stanikzai
Executive Board Member Afghan Biorisk Association
IFBA Biosafety Hero Award winner
Senior Health Systems Strengthening, Global Fund Coordination Unit, Afghanistan
National Polio Containment and AMR Coordinator, Afghanistan

Olivier Manigart
Executive Director West African Biorisk Management Network (WABNet)
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management
Senior Team Leader, PROALAB Project, West African Health Organization
GFA Consulting Group, Burkina Faso

Tatyana Novossiolova
IFBA Equity Coordinating Committee
Senior Analyst, Centre for the Study of Democracy, Bulgaria

Dana Perkins
Co-Chair, International Working Group on Strengthening the Culture of Biosafety and Biosecurity and Responsible Conduct in the Life Sciences
IFBA Certification in Biorisk Management, Biosecurity
Senior Science Advisor, US Dept Health & Human Services

Hendrik Visser (Observer)
Senior Program Manager, International Science & Technology Centre

Samantha Dittrich (Observer)
Chair, Global Health Security Agenda Consortium
Associate Director for Global Health Security, Merrick & Co.