Ethiopian Biosafety and Biosecurity Association (EBBA)


The EBBA was established by dedicated IFBA certified professionals in 2023 with the support of IFBA. The association was established with the main purpose of congregating practitioners of biological safety for the promotion of biosafety and biosecurity and to facilitate the sharing of biosafety and biosecurity information amongst members. Currently, we are facilitating the Application for Membership registration of our organization.

Goals and objectives of EBBA:
a) To advance biosafety and biosecurity as a scientific discipline through capacity building and research in Ethiopia.
b) To enhance collaboration and networking in areas of biosafety and biosecurity, including biorisk management in Ethiopia, the region and worldwide.
c) To design and offer training programmes that increase knowledge and skills in biosafety and biosecurity of the members and other partners.
d) To utilize knowledge and skills in biosafety and biosecurity to design and implement- biosurveillance and molecular diagnostic systems in order to strengthen prevention, detection and responses to emerging and reemerging biological threats in Ethiopia.
e) To create conducive conditions for members to enhance, practice and implement their skill and knowledge.
f) To design and implement awareness creation campaigns on biosafety and biosecurity.
g) Develop protocols and guidelines relevant for biosafety and biosecurity measures in collaboration with relevant sectors and organizations.
h) To promote responsible conduct of life sciences or dual use research of concern
i) To strengthen laboratory biosafety containment levels in Ethiopia, to be able to handle, investigate and dispose safely highly pathogenic organisms.
j) To ensure that all members, institutions, and organizations strictly adhere to the values and integrity of the rules and regulations of the Organization (i.e., all members, institutions, and organizations conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with ethical, legal, and transparent practices adopted and enforced by the Organization and its rules and regulations).

President: Dr. Habtamu Taddele Menghistu


Namibia Street, Bole area Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251-984927478




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