Japanese Biological Safety Association: JBSA


The Japanese Biological Safety Association seeks to improve and develop the level of biosafety in Japan. JBSA steps up the research of biosafety-safety management, safety equipment and laboratory facilities to handle pathogenic agents, and spreads knowledge of biosafety by education and training. JBSA reaches out to researchers in microbiology, zoology, biosafety officers in laboratories and hospital diagnostic labs, manufacturers of biological products, engineers of safety equipment, laboratory facility designers, maintenance staff, disinfection staff, medical doctors, veterinary doctors, clinical diagnosis staff, health administration staff and other related persons who are interested in biosafety.

JBSA 2021 Activity Plan-1:

  • Symposium Introduction of Biosafety Management Professional Training Course
    • Half day courses done online
      • 25th of March and 9th of April 2021, Tsukuba
    • Training course on Biosafety Management Professionals (5 day course)
      • 14th-18th of July and 25th-29th of October 2021, Tsukuba
        • This course will cover topics to prepare participants for the Biosafety Management Professional Certification Exam.

JBSA 2021 Activity Plan-2:

  • General meeting and academic meeting in November 2021, Kyoto.
  • JBSA newsletter which is issued 2-3 times a year.

JBSA has its own Biosafety Management Professional certification system. The training course of Biosafety Management Professional is JBSA’s original training for professional certification and a certification test after the training.

JBSA website: www.microbiology.co.jp/jbsa/english_info.html

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